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The Eight Dimensions of Wellness: SOCIAL

We are social creatures. The Pandemic was so tough on us for many reasons, but one of those was the isolation we endured for the good of one another. However, we have moved past that. Now, social connections are more important than ever. Whether it is grabbing coffee with a coworker, throwing or attending a Super Bowl Party, or watching a movie with a loved one, we encourage you to start making connections this year! Do not let the internet and Social Media replace those genuine connections we need and visit some people in person!


In the Greater Lowell Community – there are a number of ways you can connect with others, here are a few to check over the coming months:


Volunteer: Volunteering is a great way to connect with and meet new people, and Lowell has a number of ways to get involved! Consider volunteering at Flat River Outreach Ministries, Open Table, Lowell Area Historical Museum, or LowellArts – just to name a few! Lowell Community Wellness is also often looking for new board members and volunteers for events (like the Harvest Hustle!


Pick up a new hobby and find a group to join: The new year is a great opportunity to pick up a new hobby! Maybe it’s time to crack open a book – keep yourself accountable by joining a book club at Bettie’s Pages, attend the monthly game night at Lowell United Methodist Church in partnership with Rookies (our local game store). For long-term groups, Lowell Rotary, Lowell Chamber of Commerce and Alto Lions Club are also opportunities for personal growth and relationship building.


Move your body: Jump on the North Country Trail or another walking path in the spring and fall, or enjoy the pickleball courts. In the summer join Lowell Community Wellness on the Riverwalk for Tai Chi and Yoga, or join our walking group. Stay tuned for information on Summer "On the River" programming that will be provided by Lowell Community Wellness!


No matter what you decide to do, it’s important to start. Personal connections are so important, especially during the winter when inclement weather isolates many of us!


Post provided by Arianne Hall, Lowell Community Wellness Board Member

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