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Our Vision Statement

“Promote healthy living through community-wide initiatives.”



Our belief statements

  • All persons with the right resources and education have the ability to live well.

  • All persons have the right to access knowledge of wellness resources.

  • All persons are entitled to independent decision-making in regard to their wellness.

  • Wellness includes the realms of social, spiritual, physical, environmental, intellectual and emotional health.




All events and activities are planned and executed by volunteers, including the board of directors. The organization is always looking for more volunteers to help events and activities to run smoothly. We welcome input regarding desired wellness-based activities that can address the needs of Lowell and the surrounding community.


These board members serve as part of their role with their organization. The only limit on the number of years served is based on the decision of their organization.

Volunteer Opportunities

Your talents can make a difference Inspiring a healthier lifestyle

Lowell Community Wellness is looking for volunteers to serve on the board and subcommittees.

Are you great with recruiting, training and managing volunteers? Our personnel committee could use your help.

Perhaps your talents are in organizing activities and events. The program committee can always use an extra set of hands.

The board of directors oversees the business details, keeps everyone focused on the mission and goals and sets guidelines for the Pink Arrow grants. All activities are focused on inspiring a healthier lifestyle for community members in the Greater Lowell Area.

It takes a variety of people, points-of-view and skills to make a community board work. We need people with budget management skills, communication skills, organizational skills, a concern for our community, a willingness to give their time and a belief in our mission.

You could be the next inspiration for the Lowell Community!




Lowell Community Wellness is non-profit organization of 501-c-3 status that’s primary objective is to serves to inspire and educate the Greater Lowell Community to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Would you like to help fund a future health and wellness initiative in the Lowell Community?

Your contributions to Lowell Community Wellness will help to sustain current programs and create additional programming.

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