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About LoWellness


The adult survey is a project of the community initiative called LoWellness. The purpose of this initiative was to understand how to help the residents of the Lowell area to lead healthy, vibrant lives. One of the goals of the project was to understand how to make heath care and health programs more accessible and affordable to Lowell residents.

Understanding the current health conditions and needs of our community was the first step. One barrier to good health is having medically related services and programs located in Grand Rapids rather than in Lowell.

The adult survey was the first phase of a three part objective for LoWellness, funded by Lowell Community Wellness with a grant from the Lowell Area Community Fund. The second phase involved a survey given to all the youth of Lowell, via the school district. This was supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

CRI, the Community Research Institute of Grand Valley State University assisted with design of the survey, analysis of the data, and provision of the final reports for the community (located below). All outcome data was presented at The LoWellness Health Summit, held on April 13, 2016.


Stay tuned for more information on LoWellness, including next steps for programming and activities n our community!



Contact LoWellness


If you have any questions or suggestions for LoWellness please contact Project Manager, Jodie Seese at 616-446-7058 or send your email inquiry to



The LoWellness Advisory Board


Core Members:


Barb Hoogenboom – Lowell Community Wellness, President
Jodie Seese – LoWellness Project Manager
Dawn Breone – FROM – Executive Director
Nate Fowler- LAS – Bushnell Principal School District
Melyssa Tsai – CRI – Research Manager Research Team Leader


Community Stakeholders:

Melissa Athmann – Four Health Family Resource Center
Mindy Grant – Lowell Area Schools Director – Nutritional Services
Brad Brillhart – First United Methodist Pastor
Roger LaWare – FROM / Schneider Manor
Kelly Powell – Enwork
Rose Hollinshead – Fountain View Assisted Living in Lowell
Betty Morlock – City of Lowell -Clerk
Jerry Hale – Lowell Township Supervisor


Regional Resource Partners:

Ranelle Brew – Director, GVSU Department of Public Health
Bob Van Eck – Priority Health Clinical Quality Improvement
Pam Ries – Spectrum Health Human Resources
Paul Brand – Alliance for Health
Tex Bryan – Kent Intermediate Schools
Raymond Higbea – GVSU, Professor of Public Health


Guests & Contributing Partners:


Chelsea Mahoney – GVSU Epidemiology Graduate Student
Patricia Murray – FROM
Steve Bukala – Lowell Police Chief
Deb Schultz – Kent District Library
Devon McQuenn – Manager, Snap Fitness
Staci Chambers – Manager, Lowell YMCA
Tory Parsons – Lowell High School Counselor
Amy Pallo – Lowell High School Principal
Jon Jacobs – Lowell Ledger/Buyers Guide

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