Tobacco Free For Good

The Tobacco Free For Good (TFFG) class is a seven-session, group smoking cessation / treatment program designed for adults using a curriculum that meets the nationally established Clinical Practice Guidelines for nicotine dependence. The facilitator is Mayo Clinic trained and certified. Lowell Family Medical Center (LFMC) provides the meeting room. This class is offered at no charge to Lowell area residents.

The purpose of this class is to help smokers develop a personalized quit plan. Those attending will learn about nicotine addiction, medications & nicotine replacement therapy, stress management, weight control, relapse prevention and support during and after class.

These classes represent the only free, locally funded community smoking cessation program in the state of Michigan. Since 2006 over 220 people have been helped through this program.

We use a rolling registration format. Anyone interested in a class calls the facilitator to put their name on a waiting list. Once 6-8 people are on the list, we contact them about the next offering.   This allows us accommodate more people as we schedule the class based on what times and days/evenings work best for those on the list.   It is usually a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, however sometimes a Saturday morning class is the best solution; that tends to be the case during the winter months.

These classes are sponsored by Lowell Community Wellness using funds from the Pink Arrow Project with donations earmarked for education and community support.

If you have any questions or want to be put on the waiting list for the next class, contact the facilitator at 616-446-7058.