Pink Arrow Project Grants

The opportunity to provide these grants is a result of the overwhelming success of the Pink Arrow Project, which exceeded the expectations of all who were involved.

The Pink Arrow Project has empowered Lowell Community Wellness to use a portion of the proceeds to provide funding for innovative learning and enhancing programs for students and to promote programs or events that inspire and educate the Greater Lowell Community in cancer prevention, education and support.

Mail all applications:

PO Box 246
Lowell, MI  49331

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Family Support Application

Pink Arrow Family Support Program

It is the purpose of the Pink Arrow Family Support program to provide a financial gift as a way of showing support to those who are experiencing cancer. This gift is not based on financial need; it is simply a sign of support from the  Lowell Community. When the monies in this fund have been depleted, no further requests can be considered.

Requirements and Policies

The family lives in the Lowell Area School District and has a member of the household who is currently experiencing cancer.


The individual who has cancer is an alum of Lowell Area Schools and has family currently living in the Lowell Area School District.

The family/individual is eligible for this gift once each calendar year (for a total of three times) as long as the cancer continues or continued expense results from the cancer experience.

A representative from Lowell Community Wellness will contact the applicant via phone to determine the most appropriate distribution of available funds. All information is held in confidence. (Funds are not available to pay for medical expenses.)